It is with abundant gratitude that we share these photos from our 2015 Walk for Kids. We had an amazing turnout from our Community of Compassion. Your support will make a tremendous difference in the lives of children, their families, and the nursing community.

Thank you,

Michael and Frida Donner

 A group shot at the 2015 Walk for Kids.

A group shot at the 2015 Walk for Kids.


Annie, a member of the Barco family wearing blue, walked with her mother who is seated


Aileen goes to the Camp and has for many years. Now that she is 19 she is waiting for a couple of years and then will volunteer her time at Camp



Standing next to me is Mary, a family member of Barco, and her family


This photo includes my daughter Debbie and her husband Ben with two of our grandchildren, Dylan and Mia, and Dylan’s friend Aiden


Ryan, a Barco family member, and his friend


Rafael, Denisse and her father.


Jennifer, a 20 year Barco family team member, with family.


I am so proud of my grandchildren Mia and Dylan who walked with us today.


The Scrubs N Beyond team flew in from St. Louis to walk with us. Thank you Karla Bakersmith and her management team who are pictured here with me. Your presence here meant a great deal.


Dylan and his friend Aiden with sister Mia.


David Chan and his family. David has been a supplier for Barco for many years.


Eric, a Barco family member, with his children.


Next to me is Erin Marlin a nurse and member of our Nurses Advisory Council, and Beverly from ReSurge and her husband.


My senior executive officers David Murphy in the T-shirt next to Dave Aquino who is holding his daughter Altssa on his shoulders and standing next to his daughter Lauren and wife Gwen.


I love this photo of my son-in-law, Ben, Aiden a friend of my grandson Dylan, Mia my granddaughter, and Dylan my grandson.


Aileen is a hero of mine. Her courage and determination is remarkable and she inspires me.


Melissa, a designer at Barco, and friend with Ronald McDonald.

Jumpin for Joy

Jumpin’ for Joy!

Thank you - Walk for Kids

Thank you – Walk for Kids

W4K Emcees

W4K Emcees

Walk for Kids - Exposition Park

Walk for Kids – Exposition Park