We wanted to share this call for volunteer nurses. We know there are many in our Community of Compassion who may want to answer the call.

Volunteers Needed

The American Red Cross is in need of health professionals to help support thousands affected by Hurricane Matthew. Please consider deploying as a Red Cross volunteer.

If you’d like to volunteer, please provide your information at http://svy.mk/2dBBGlU. A member of the deployment team will follow up with more details.

The American Red Cross provides shelter, feeding, health and mental health support to individuals affected by disaster.  As Hurricane Matthew moves across the eastern coast, thousands of people may need our assistance. In anticipation of the need for health and mental health professionals, we are recruiting volunteers to support clients and responders with disaster related health and mental health needs.

Please keep in mind that disaster relief operations are fluid and staff needs change daily. Volunteers agree to work in a shelter or service site which may involve walking for long periods of time, a nine day deployment commitment (seven days of volunteer work plus a day of travel on each end), follow Red Cross principles and procedures, and take Red Cross trainings. All deployment-related travel costs will be covered by the Red Cross.

 Thank you for your dedication to others.
~Michael and Frida Donner