The field of nursing is demanding and intense. Nurses must be compassionate, helpful and capable of making difficult decisions. It is for these traits and those below we honor the men and women who choose nursing as a profession.

We Honor Their Personal Commitment
  • Compassion and Empathy: Having a deep awareness of and sympathy for someone else’s suffering without judgment is the root of compassion. For nurses, this means being empathetic and compassionate while providing comfort and care.
  • Selfless: Nurses give constantly and willingly to their patients, their communities and the world. They donate countless hours as volunteers in their communities. They are some of the first responders in times of natural disasters. Many nurses take personal time to volunteer in some of the poorest parts of the world.
  • Sense of Humor: Nurses use humor to ease stressful situations and bring a positive experience to their patients. They also use their innate sense of humor to deal with stress and to keep going through tough shifts.
  • Passion: Nurses are dedicated to their profession. Their work can be emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting, yet they show up day after day and give their patients exceptional care. Nurses never give up. They work through problems, maintain calm under pressure and stand strong as advocates for their patients.
We Honor Their Work Ethic
  • Hard Work: Nursing is a never-ending job. It is unusual for a hospital or medical center to be overstaffed, which means long shifts with many patients. And, nurses never stop being nurses.  Their job doesn’t end when their shift is over. If they see an emergency or someone in distress, they are the first to step in. Of course, while exhausting, they never say no to questions from friends and family.
  • High Professional Standards: Nurses are professional in their work. Whether attending to patients or maintaining records, they work with skill, care and integrity. Even though there may be difficult patients or family members, they treat them with respect and dignity.
  • Continuous Improvement: Nurses are continually expanding their knowledge through education and experiences.

As a career, nursing can be a difficult, yet rewarding one. The satisfaction of being helpful to those in need can be tremendous. We thank the women and men who have dedicated their lives to this noble profession.

~Michael and Frida Donner