Each year millions of people spend their holidays confined to hospitals, acute care and residential nursing homes. In fact, many residents outlive their family members and friends. For others, their family and friends have moved away. At the same time, there are many people who are looking for ways to give and make their holidays more meaningful.

Hence, the Holiday Project works to bring these two groups together.

Started in 1972, The Holiday Project organizes visits to people in nursing homes, hospitals and other residential institutions. They give volunteers an opportunity to bring the holiday spirit to those who would not otherwise have a celebration. Both those visiting and those being visited receive an enriched experience of the holidays.

The Holiday Project volunteers organize visits in many areas around the country. They are always looking to expand to areas where they do not have volunteers. A local area can be represented by just one person or by a group of individuals. Each local area chooses the days to organize visits. An area may organize one visit during the year or many, to residents at one facility or quite a few.

Participate in The Holiday Project
  • Sign up to receive their newsletter (no more than 3 per month)
  • Join an existing visiting team (if one is located in your area)
  • Start a Visit Team in your geographic area
  • Participate as a group
  • Adopt A Home
  • Donate gifts, cards or funds to a local home

For more information on these suggestions and to see if there is an active group in your area, visit their website.

This is just one of many ways each of us can give back to those that are most often forgotten or overlooked. Barco’s Nightingales Foundation believes this project embraces the standards we hold dear in our Community of Compassion.

~Michael and Frida Donner