Either directly or through a loved one, nurses have touched all of our lives. Because of this, you know that many nurses across the country and throughout the world selflessly work through the holidays. Each holiday, nurses volunteer to take shifts so their colleagues can be home with family. They willingly put their patients’ care first, in fact, many arrange their work schedules specifically to be sure that their patients are cared for.

Nurses Go The Extra Mile

Nurses not only work through the holidays, but they often go the extra mile to do everything they can to bring the holiday cheer to their patients. They decorate the nursing stations, go caroling down the hallways and in some cases, hold parities for their patients. This year, we’d like to encourage our Community of Compassion to remember these nurses throughout the month of December. Consider thanking them the way you thank your children’s teachers, your postal employees, and others.

Ways to Thank a Nurse
  • Prepare a tray or two of cookies for a specific unit of the hospital. Treats are always welcomed on long shifts.
  • Send each unit in the hospital a thank you card for their service and dedication.
  • Order some Chinese food or pizza to be delivered to the local emergency room.
  • Send flowers or a green plant.
  • Send a fruit basket or fruit and chocolate arrangement for healthy snacking.

There are so many simple things you can do to brighten the day of a nurse this holiday season. We hope you will join us in showing how much you care.

~Michael and Frida Donner