Every day in the remote mountains and plains of Haiti, young people overcome difficult challenges to get an education. Many arrive at school hungry. The hot lunch Barco’s Nightingales Foundation provides is often the only hot meal they get.  We consider these young people our Everyday Heroes. Everyday they heroically meet the challenges of life in order to better themselves and their villages.  We want to introduce you to two of these remarkable young people.

Meet Sonia

Everyday Heroes from HaitiSonia Leon is 16 years old and in the ninth grade.  She attends Good Samaritan School in Anse-à-Pitres, Haiti and lives with her parents, sister and four brothers. Sonia states, “…truly the food is a blessing because it is very rare to eat at home before going to school.” Sonia believes that without the hot meal, she would not be able to concentrate and continue studying.

Meet Faubet

Faubet Cenat claims he owes his life to Barco’s Nightingales Foundation not once, but twice. He was about to leave his hometown of Banano to work in the sugar cane fields of the Dominican Republic so that he could make a better life for himself. Pastor Rafael knew of Faubet’s education and asked him to stay and help the people of his town. The young man agreed and became the principal of the town’s school. Faubet said, “For the first time I am serving my community. I am honored to be setting a positive example for our future generations.”Heroes from Haiti

The second time Faubet says that Barco’s Nightingales Foundation saved his life was last year when he became very sick. He was taken to the hospital, but they could not help him. Pastor Rafael used the Foundation truck to transport Faubet to a better hospital that saved his life. When he was well, Pastor Rafael covered his expenses and brought Faubet home in the Foundation’s truck.

For Faubet, “Barco’s Nightingales Foundation is more than a job or foundation, it’s my family. My perspective of the world has changed. I am an active member of my community and I’m helping shape the lives of our future generations via Barco’s Nightingales Foundation and pastor Rafael’s ministry. Thank you for believing in us.”

We are very appreciative of these young heroes and of their commitment to education and improving not only their own lives, but those of their neighbors and families.

You can help these Everyday Heroes and many more. Your small donation of $40.00 per year provides one student with a hot meal daily for the school year.

Thank you,

Michael and Frida Donner