I am excited to share that next week I am traveling to Haiti with some of our most active supporters. Barbara Gonzalez, Freddy Buzaly, Phil Little, Vicky Little and Rafael Perez Yan will join my journey to seven remote villages. We fly into Santo Domingo on Sunday and start the week at our base location in Pedernales.

A Busy Schedule

Our village visits start in Marouge where we will check on our solar water well. We also will visit the school where we serve hot lunches. We’ll stop at the well in Bois’Dormes that afternoon, and again visit the village school. These are some of my favorite stops as the children are so loving and inspirational.

The next day we travel again, this time to the villages of Ravinlong, Bony and Boucan Guillaume. We have wells in all three of these villages, which we will inspect. Many of the students from the village schools will join us on the inspections. This gives us a chance to meet them and show them the inner workings of the wells.

Our next day trip is to Banana where we will visit five schools, all of which receive hot lunches through your generous support. We will also be inspecting and getting an update on our newest project site, the location for our next well. During this part of the trip we will be meeting with our team to discuss the need for future projects and where they are needed most.

We will be traveling to Anse a Pitres on the last day of our trip. This stop includes both a well inspection and visits with the schoolchildren.

I am very grateful to The Lighthouse Foundation and Hispaniola Mountain Ministries for their help in arranging this trip and for their constant support for our work in the region. I am also grateful for the donations we received for the people of Haiti. We will be bringing 40 duffel bags filled with clothing that we will give to the children and their families.

~Michael Donner