We all strive to do our best every day in everything we do.  We want to excel at our jobs. We want to perfect our role as employee, parent, companion, nurse and friend. We can be so focused on being the best, however, that we lose perspective. We forget why we are doing the things we do. We lose site of the end goal.

Regaining Perspective

So, how do we regain perspective? Here are several suggestions we’ve heard from nurses that have helped.

  • Take a breather.  One characteristic we all share is that we expect more from ourselves than from others. As a result, we fail to step back and take a break. To remedy this, schedule breaks during your day. Then, completely step away and focus on something else. Take a short walk. Stretch. Write a letter. Read a book.  Your stress level will decrease, your focus and energy will increase. You’ll end up accomplishing even more.
  • Take inventory.  There is a saying that goes, “The more things you own, the more those things own you.” Take an inventory of your surroundings. Turn your living and work space into a clutter-free zone. This minimizes distractions and stress. One way to de-clutter is to take an inventory. Do you own things you have not used in the past year or two? If so, you probably won’t use them again. Donate them to a nonprofit you support so others can use them.
  • Serve. Often we spend hours on work that doesn’t give us immediate results. This makes it hard to see what we’ve accomplished. Volunteering is one way to make a difference that you can see immediately. Volunteering will refresh your spirit and re-energize you. Help with a community cleanup day, serve a meal at a local food bank or take a volunteer vacation. For example a volunteer at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times shared that “losing myself in service – instead of in my work – was a simple reminder of the power I have to make a difference… I returned to my big project with a renewed connection to the ‘why,’ and a much stronger faith in my ability to complete my vision.”

Activities like these can give you incredible perspective and help you re-focus on your job, goals and personal responsibilities. The next time you feel overwhelmed, take stock, take inventory and serve. We’d be happy to connect you with our nonprofit partners if you are searching for a volunteer opportunity.

~Michael and Frida Donner