I just returned from the most amazing and life changing trip to Haiti. The hospitality and the love and gratitude that we experienced were remarkable and heartfelt. Our Haitian family are the most humble and courageous people that I know. They far surpass anything I have witnessed before. I have learned a great deal from them especially NEVER GIVE UP.

Traveling with me was Phil and Vicky Little. Phil introduced me to his world in Haiti and the rest is history. Also in our group was Barbara Gonzales who is a part of our Barco family who supervised our gifting program for those we met in Haiti. We brought nearly 50 large diggers bags of clothing and candy. We must have given out nearly 30,000 individual gifts of clothing or
candy. A special thanks to Barbara. The crowds of children and parents were at least twice the size of our trip two years ago.

The last members of our group were outsiders to our world. The United Nations had two representatives join us, one from Columbia and the other from El Salvador. They helped greatly in making the trip more secure and safe and helped us hand out the candy. In addition, we were joined by two members of the Haitian National Police. They were very kind and kept all of us feeling more secure and safe.


As I reflect on this trip to Haiti I can try to summarize what I am taking home in my heart and soul.

The children of Haiti are the poorest children that I have ever met, while at the same they have the greatest humility and appreciation, more than most people I have ever met. They have survived a very difficult time with an amazing amount of courage and determination. What I have seen them do on a daily basis totally blows my mind. It seems like a dream because they do the impossible every day and never stop.

The children in Haiti greet us with the most amazing happy heart. They show their smiles often and they show their appreciation with an amazing human spirit each and every time that I am with them. They bring a positive attitude to their challenging world.

The children sing like angels from heaven. Their voices are beautiful filled with a human spirit that rocks my world to the core. I often found myself filled with tears and smiles both at the same time. They do things that we don’t expect to see children doing. I saw a very young boy riding on the back of his donkey carrying three large containers filled with water from our water well. He also had another donkey in front of him that was carrying four large containers of water. He was not supervised and I assume that was his job for the day. How remarkable that he could make it happen.

I have many stories to tell and will continue to share them over the next few months along with more photos.

A huge thanks for your support and your friendship. Please join me in prayer and wish all the children and their families in Haiti a better and more blessed life.

~Michael Donner