Tammy is a labor and delivery RN with cross training in the NICU. She is employed at the UnityPoint Health System at Finley Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa. Tammy’s passion is babies and their mothers. Tammy does not consider herself as anybody special – just a person “put on this earth to be a nurse.”

Everyday Hero – At Work

Tammy works 12-hour shifts at Finley Hospital in their birthing center, moving from labor to delivery with her patients.  But Tammy cannot get enough of babies and pregnant moms. Tammy volunteers her “off time” with pregnant mothers and is often with them through the birth of their children.  This dedication and volunteering often sees her returning to the hospital she just left.

“Many times I have worked many hours past my scheduled shift or gone back home for a few hours and come back to take care of these moms. When they ask me to take care of them, I do my absolute best to give them their wish. I mean, what an honor.”

Unfortunately not all births are easy or joyful.  Tammy has seen and worked with mothers who faced difficult births. She has grieved alongside of parents whose child did not survive the birthing process. Tammy is an active member of the Tender Hearts Program.  Located within her hospital, this program works with parents suffering the loss of their child.  Helping these grieving parents through their loss creates a bond that lasts. “I have remained in close contact with several families who have lost a baby.”

Everyday Hero – Helping Others

Tammy raises money to improve the health of mothers and babies in the annual March of Dimes walk.  The money she raises helps with research so that future parents won’t have to make devastating decisions. “No parent should ever face these choices. With babies being my passion every dollar raised could help in saving a baby’s life.”

Tammy’s love of her chosen field and her compassion for children drive her actions and determination in working for healthy children.  But, Tammy sees herself as just another nurse doing her job.

“As you can see, I am just a labor and deliver/NICU nurse who gives her heart and soul to her patients. When they leave I want to be remembered as someone that maybe made a difference in their experience of giving birth. After all, it is a story we talk about amongst our friends for years to come.”

And, it is an experience and job she hopes to do for years to come. Barco’s Nightingales Foundation honors everyday heroes such as Tammy. Nurses who strive to do the best in their chosen field. Nurses who give back to their communities as nurses and as volunteers. We enjoy sharing these everyday heroes’ stories with you our Community of Compassion.

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~Michael and Frida Donner