It is our great honor to announce the 2017 Barco’s Nightingales Foundation Award of Excellence winner from Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, Diane DiMarco Davis. This exceptional nurse embodies the spirit of giving to others. Her work with Camp has touched the lives of many, and keeps giving long after Camp is over.

Diane DiMarco Davis, better known as 3D at Camp, began volunteering with Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times in the late 80’s, not long after Camp was first founded. A nursing student at USC at the time, Diane recalls her mother, Donna telling her about an interesting local pediatric doctor who appeared on the Phil Donahue Show. That doctor was one of the Camp’s founders, Dr. Stu Siegel. On the TV talk show, Dr. Siegel shared the trials that children with cancer and their families face and how Camp Good Times was having a positive impact on their lives.

Diane and Camp

Diane decided to look into this special Camp and, what was a chance recommendation, soon became a lifelong passion. She started at Camp as a cabin counselor, but has also served as an activity counselor and a staff director. As an ER nurse, Diane’s emergency skills complimented the Oncology team in the Med Shed. She was able to make the transition to the med shed easily and became a part of the critical medical team that makes Camp possible each session.  It is because of the 24 hour medical care Diane and her colleagues provide campers that they and their parents are at ease knowing that campers are well cared for should any medical needs arise.  Diane shares her passion for Camp with her husband, John, and her two children, Elisabeth (Elisabear at camp) and Sean who have also joined the Camp family as counselors and staff.

Diane Keeps On Giving

In addition to Camp, Diane is also a member of Rotary International, a service club for business professionals. Diane has been Rotary club president, Assistant Governor, and has served on many program committees. Her favorite Rotary activities include the Rotary Youth Exchange program and the international health projects. Diane visits Mexico four times a year with 100 Rotarians and an entire medical team to provide cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries free of charge. Diane also recently returned from a cross-country train trip serving as a chaperone to 43 exchange students from 18 different countries.

From all of us at Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, thank you Diane. You are an inspiration.

~Michael and Frida Donner