We are delighted to share that our seventh solar water well in Haiti is complete and providing fresh, clean water to over 6,000 Haitians. Located in Banane, Haiti,  the BNF Solar Water Well #7 Complex includes six 20,000 gallon containers that house the water drawn from the well.

This new well is different from the first six solar water wells we built in Haiti.  With the first six, we drilled an average of 300 feet deep to access fresh water for the wells and pumps.  Since Banane is a remote mountain village in Haiti, we could not drill for water. Instead we had to find a source of fresh clean water and design a system to transport the water to the village.

Once the water was sourced, Herbie Rogers who works and lives in Mississippi and part time for the Foundation in Haiti, designed the engineering plan to transport the water. Herbie was in Banane during the last few days or work making sure that the final execution was done properly.

The final result is that a remote village of ours now has fresh, clean, water for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry. Another 6,000 Haitians lives and health will improve because of clean water, and their animals will thrive because of the water trough we built.

We are sharing some pictures of the pump/well house and storage tank house, the source of the water, and a small group of mothers and children filling up theirs containers with clean drinking water for the very first time. Keep in mind that when these large containers are filled with drinking water they can weight up to 40-45 pounds. That’s when the heavy lifting begins. Without the help of a few mules to carry the heavy containers, these women and children must carry the containers home, which can take an hour or more. However, that is nothing compared to the all-day trip that was required before the well was complete.

At Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, we know this well could not have been completed without your support. We hope you are as proud of this accomplishment as we are.

~Michael and Frida Donner