Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on all the blessings each of us has received the past year. At Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, we give thanks for all of you in our Community of Compassion. We are grateful for the blessings we receive that give us purpose and allow us to continue our work.

Your contributions to Barco’s Nightingales Foundation helped us support ReSurge International and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times. In addition, we expanded our programs in Haiti with the Hispaniola Mountain Ministries and Lighthouse Ministries. We now feed 6,000 people every day in Haiti and we completed our 7th solar water well. Every time we see new pictures from Haiti or visit the villages where we work, we are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. Nothing is more precious than seeing the genuine joy and love radiating from those we’ve helped. Those smiles and that love cannot be created – it comes from their hearts and overwhelms us.

Give Thanks For Nurses

We appreciate the wonderful worldwide nursing community of dedicated nurses who give so much more than just their skills. We constantly meet nurses who are Everyday Heroes, but they don’t see themselves as heroes, but as doing just “what comes naturally.” So many have told us that nursing is not something you can turn off at the end of the shift and that they accept that as part of their lives.

And so, this Thanksgiving we feel truly thankful, honored, and blessed to provide for those in need, through your generosity to Barco’s Nightingales Foundation. And we are thankful for your continued support of our programs.

We wish each and every one of you and your families a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

~Michael and Frida Donner