This year the Barco’s Nightingales Foundation’s school lunch program in Haiti expanded to feeding 6,000 children daily. We cannot do this without the support we receive from you, our Community of Compassion. But on the ground in Haiti, a great amount of work goes in to feeding these children the only meal many will receive that day.

These photos represent just a few of the women cooks that prepare our daily lunch. There are close to 80 mothers working in the 40 schools and orphanages who prepare the meals that feed the children and teachers. Each school has at least two teachers, but the larger schools and orphanages may have as many as four. These mothers work hard each school day to ensure that each student receives a meal that will fill them and keep them until the next school day.

We applaud their hard work and dedication to the lunch program. Without them, it would be near impossible to feed this number of children on a daily basis. We ask that you keep these women and their commitment to serving their community with their loving support, in your thoughts this holiday season.

And speaking of our food program, in an effort to give these children an even more balanced meal each day, we are adding a group of vegetables to each meal.  This will begin in January 2018. For those of you who donate money to help us add additional children each year to the program, beginning in January 2018, the cost for each child is increasing $.50 a day.  Food costs are increasing everywhere and we still believe that the new cost of $3.70 per child per month for the ten months of school is still a value.

For $37.00, you can feed a child a hot meal each school day for the ten months school is in session. Barco’s Nightingales Foundation is proud to sponsor this program and we believe in our Community of Compassion. Your continued support of this and our other programs is so important. You can contribute to any of our programs.

~Michael and Frida Donner