It’s Not Your Fault!

When your child is diagnosed with cancer it is devastating - but it's not your fault. As a parent, you immediately start asking questions about how this happened. Is it my genetic make-up? Did I not follow good nutrition when pregnant or after my baby was born? What could I have done to prevent this? [...]

Another Walk For Kids Success

What an amazing day we had. We only wish more of our Community of Compassion could have joined us in the Walk for Kids. It was a huge success! We had more participants than ever and are so grateful that we keep growing. Your support is imperative for our work with Camp Ronald McDonald for [...]

IBM Provides Worldwide Grid to Fight Childhood Cancers

On February 1, 2017, IBM announced the Smash Childhood Cancers Project. Through this program it provides free access to its “World Community Grid” for a global team of scientists battling childhood cancers. As a result, scientists have greater access to powerful computers for their research at no cost. The World Community Grid consists of “CPU cycles” [...]

Keeping Perspective in Our Lifetime

We all strive to do our best every day in everything we do.  We want to excel at our jobs. We want to perfect our role as employee, parent, companion, nurse and friend. We can be so focused on being the best, however, that we lose perspective. We forget why we are doing the things we do. We lose [...]

Meet the Blanco Family

We are delighted to introduce the Blanco family to you through our blog and to tell you a little bit about their experience with Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times. The Blanco Family Natalie Blanco was sixteen months old when she had a strange reaction to a hard fall. Her parents rushed her to the [...]

Camp: Victoria’s Story

Victoria Barrios still remembers how life was like for her at seven years old: living with her two aunts while her parents took care of her sister Serenity, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at three years old. She remembers the confusion she had to face when she didn’t know why her family was so physically [...]

#ICYMI – Great Article on Camp

In case you missed it, the Anza Valley Outlook wrote a beautiful article on Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times. In the article, author Tony Ault captures the true essence of camp and some of the reasons we support their work. The article summarized: 14 camper cabins, a new dining hall, sports facilities and an advanced health center, [...]

Heroes for Healing Campaign

The Heroes for Healing Campaign is a six-week fundraising competition to make a difference in the healing of children with cancer and their families. It ends with an awards dinner on October 23, 2016. The campaign involves “candidates” competing for the title of “Hero of the Year.” These candidates are individuals dedicated to helping children [...]

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time to honor and remember children and families affected by these rare diseases. It is a time to help rally support to give kids with cancer better outcomes by research. Some startling statistics from the Childhood Cancer Research Fund:  During the month of September: 25,000 families [...]

I Knew I’d Made a Difference When…..

We are delighted to share this essay written a few years ago by our newest Advisory Board Member, Barbara E. Britt, RN, MSN. ~Michael and Frida Donner Nursing takes some strange paths, there’s just no doubt about it. This career, the very one that so filled me with anxieties in the early days of my [...]

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