Another Walk For Kids Success

What an amazing day we had. We only wish more of our Community of Compassion could have joined us in the Walk for Kids. It was a huge success! We had more participants than ever and are so grateful that we keep growing. Your support is imperative for our work with Camp Ronald McDonald for [...]

Safe Reconstructive Surgical Care

The need for timely and safe reconstructive surgical care and training in developing countries is enormous. Today, 5 billion people in the world do not have access to surgery when needed. Specifically, in low to-middle-income countries, 90% of people cannot access safe and timely surgical care (Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, 2015). ReSurge International's Care [...]

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Meet Jonas from Tanzania

Jonas is 5 years old and lives with his family under a giant baobob tree on the plains of Tanzania. Jonas has the energy and curiosity of the typical little boy. He loves to run and play and watch the bee hives high in branches near his home. As a result, his curiosity got the [...]

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Meet ReSurge Volunteer Katie Osborn

In 1997, Katie Osborn, a critical care nurse, was seeking a new challenge and began her volunteer service with ReSurge International. Since her first trip to Laos in 1999, Katie has donated her considerable talents and expertise as both a clinical nurse and a nurse educator on fifteen ReSurge trips throughout Asia, Latin America and [...]

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ReSurge on Capitol Hill

In May of this year, Jeff Whisenant, CEO of ReSurge International attended the second Congressional Briefing on Surgical Care and Global Need. The focus was  designed to help attendees understand the need for surgical care in low and mid-income countries. A panel comprised of experts in the field focused on the cost-effectiveness and the  impacts [...]

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Hands Repairing Hands

From our partners at ReSurge International... Have you ever sprained a wrist or jammed a couple of fingers in a door?  If so, remember how painful it was to try and use that hand?  Actually, it was pretty impossible. Our hands are vital tools we all use every day.  In developing countries, the use of [...]

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Teresa – Your Smile Is With Us Forever

Last month we lost a dear friend and Barco Uniform’s family member, Teresa Chavez, to cancer. Teresa worked with us for three years and in all that time I never saw her without a bright, infectious smile. This was her priceless gift to our family, her family and to everyone whose life she touched – [...]

Nurse’s Week: A Salute to Frankie

This Nurses’ Week, ReSurge thanks Barco’s Nightingales for their support—support that enables volunteer nurses like Frankie, profiled below, to provide reconstructive surgery to our patients in developing countries.   A perioperative nurse at PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s Medial Medical Center in Bellingham, Wash., Frankie’s first trip with ReSurge was in 2007, after a fellow nurse told [...]

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Thank You

Frida and I wish to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who made the 2016 Barco's Nightingales Foundation Walk for Kids a huge success. First, we want to acknowledge the volunteers and staff who worked behind the scenes for months to prepare, organize, promote and manage the thousands of details that go into making this [...]

Guest Blog: ReSurge International

Reflecting Gratefully for the Partnership and Impact of Michael and Frida Donner and the Barco’s Nightingales Foundation By Jeff Whisenant, President and CEO, ReSurge International About this time last year, I was honored and humbled to be selected as the new CEO of ReSurge International. Since joining the organization in July, I have had the opportunity to [...]

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