On November 6, 2010 Barco’s Nightingales gave birth. My wife Frida and I awarded the first ‘Barco’s Nightingales Nursing Award for Excellence’. We were honored in being able to present our first Nursing Award at the Interplast Gala held in San Francisco at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The recipient Dawn Yost is from Morgantown, West Virginia. It was such an amazing moment for us. This will be an annual award focusing in on nurses who also spend time each year in volunteering.
During my trip to Peru with the Interplast medical team, I witnessed first hand the heart and soul of each volunteer. They impressed me with such a human spirit and a deep desire and love to help others. Their days start early every day and often end very late in the evening. They show so much passion and commitment to the work each and every moment of these 2 week trips.  I never really understood how deep their love and commitment was until I joined them. It was a great gift for me to see. I take off my hat and give them a standing ovation for their gifts to others.
Read about Dawn Yost and the amazing contribution in seeing the difference compassion makes.