On Dec 23, 2010,  the son and nephew of one of our employees, were gunned down and killed while driving in their car. The other son was also in the car luckily was not shot. The son that lived was present as he watched his brother and cousin pass on. How tragic and senseless.
The employees of my company immediately took up a collection for the family. Our foundation Barco’s Nightingales also contributed and together we were able to pay for both of these young adults funeral services. How proud I am that we could help this grieving and shocked family. The picture above is from the family of Andy and Christian. No words can describe their pain. This picture was taken on Monday Jan 3, 2011. They came to our company in order to thank us with all their heart.  There was a moment when I put my arms around the mother and we started to cry and fell deeper into our embrace. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. This family is such a courageous and loving family. My prayers go out to each of them and I ask each of those who read this blog to pray with us.