Each year we take time in November, around the time the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, to reflect on the blessings we have received and to thank all those who support us in our endeavors.  It is especially poignant this month with all that has occurred over the past few weeks around the world, to reflect on what we have been able accomplish and to thank all of you, our supporters, for enabling us to continue.


We particularly want to thank our partners in our Community of Compassion.

Hispaniola Mountain Ministries and the Lighthouse Foundation, with whom we have built seven solar water wells and are providing 6,000 hot lunches to school children each month in Haiti . There are still many places in Haiti that lack both fresh water and adequate food for the children and we continue to make progress in the region.
ReSurge International, which does such amazing work around the world, mending birth defects and restoring burns victims to functional and useful lives.  Many of their patients would not survive their harsh environments without medical intervention. So many young lives have been saved through the volunteer efforts of these nurses and doctors – saved to continue their education and become productive members of their villages and communities.
Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp that gives children fighting cancer, their siblings and parents, a chance to have something “normal” in their lives – lives that are often so centered around the fight, that all else falls away. Being able to provide camperships for this wonderful place of love, laughter and acceptance is a privilege.
We are grateful to be able to support our nursing community, locally, nationally and internationally.  The dedication and love, given every day by nurses and their selfless sacrifice to go where needed in times of disaster, continues to humble us.  Promoting your profession and stories is our way of showing our appreciation for all you do every day.
Finally, we are thankful for our Community of Compassion.  Your support and financial assistance give us the incentive to continue to partner in making the world a healthier and safer place.
Thank you,Michael and Frida Donner