The Bush Family
Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times
2016 Walk for Kids Ambassador Family

Kimberly and Sean Bush were thrilled to discover they would be adding one more boy to their happy family! It was always an exciting time in the Bush house with four boys; Justin, Andrew, Austin and baby Jayson. Life was great and everyone was happy and healthy. Then in November of 2013, when Jayson was just six years old, the family received the terrifying news that Jayson had Burkett Lymphoma, a form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His aggressive chemotherapy treatments began right away as did the difficult side effects of the treatment; nausea, vomiting, hair loss, extreme fatigue. Fighting the cancer was very hard for Jayson, he was so sad to be out of school and away from his friends. Watching him deal with the pain of treatment was so difficult for the entire family. Finally in March of 2014, Jayson’s cancer was stabilized and the road to full recovery began.
Bush Boys
It was at a follow up appointment with Jayson’s Oncologist, where the Bush family was introduced to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times by their social worker, who felt a week at summer camp would be a great opportunity for Jayson. A week away from his family was not appealing to Jayson but luckily, Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times also has a family camp program, allowing for the entire family to attend camp together for a weekend. The Bush Family jumped at the chance to go and did just that in the fall of 2014! It was a wonderful weekend full of fun and healing for the whole family.Mom Kimberly says “Our experience with Camp has been great! “Camp is a place to momentarily forget that your child had cancer because you’re so at peace and in a place where the focus is on being a family, making friends, and having fun with people who truly understand what you have been through. Camp is a very loving and accepting environment. As a family we have spent quality time together and we have created lasting memories with our children. Camp is a special place to form new friendships and strong bonds, it’s a fun experience and it’s always so hard to say goodbye when it is time to return home.”
Jayson and Toothpick
Jayson, who now attends summer camp and family camp, says “Camp is the best time I EVER had”! Jayson’s brothers, now teenagers, are able to be a part of Camp’s Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Program (W.O.L.P), a program for teens promoting leadership skills and life experiences in a fun and supportive camp environment. “Camp is a place where you can be yourself and be accepted by everyone”- Andrew, age 17. “Camp helps make you a better person”- Justin, age 18. “The counselors are the best and really care about EVERYONE”- Austin, age 14.
“Walk for Kids is important to us because it means that new generations of camp families can enjoy going to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times just as our family has” – The Bush Family.
Bush Family
The Bush Family is proud to represent Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times as the 2016 Walk Ambassador Family. On April 3rd, join the Bush family and thousands of others who will come together and show their love and support for Camp at the Walk for Kids Los Angeles Exposition site.