At Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, we are proud to salute nurses and nursing students across the globe.  Because nurses’ stories are rarely told, each month we feature the personal stories of men and women in the nursing field.  We share their daily struggles and successes and their unconditional commitment to their profession and their patients.
In gratitude for their unswerving dedication to the people they serve, we share their stories. We are honored to showcase nurses and nursing students who have a passion for their profession. Their stories serve as an example and inspiration for others considering nursing as a profession.
By sharing these stories, we hope to encourage more women and men to consider the nursing profession.  The nurse stories not only show the diversity of the nursing profession, but also the diversity of fields within the profession in which to work.
Many of these nurses whose stories we publish, go beyond the duties of their jobs and continue being nurses 24/7, giving their free time to volunteer programs and spending their hard-earned vacation time on medical missions oversees. Going above and beyond like this embodies the spirit  of Florence Nightingale and demonstrates what we consider to be the courageous heart of nursing.
You can help us honor these women and men by nominating someone you believe embodies the spirit of the Barco’s Nightingales Foundation.  Please email your nominations with contact information for the nurse(s) whose stories you believe need to be told.
We look forward to sharing many more  of your heartfelt and wonderful stories in the  future.
~Michael and Frida Donner