HErbieWe have met and worked alongside many gifted and giving individuals during our visits to Haiti. Herbie Rogers, a member of the Lighthouse Foundation, is one of them.
Herbie first went to Haiti about 10 years ago after being invited by a doctor friend to join him while he volunteered at an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. Herbie says that he was so moved by the number of children who needed help that he continued to travel to Port-au-Prince and help  in various orphanages. On one trip, his heart was moved by two young girls, ages 4 and 7. He immediately knew he wanted to make them part of his family. His wife returned to Haiti with him, met the girls, and together they adopted them.
Working in Port-au-Prince became increasingly difficult due to political challenges, and for a time, Herbie became disillusioned. He chose to focus on his work in Corinth and on his family. While home, he had the good fortune to meet  Tim Dortch. Tim shared stores with him about working to help the extremely impoverished on the other side of the island of Haiti. He invited Herbie to join him on an upcoming trip so he could see the need and the work they were doing first-hand. Herbie once again continued to travel to Haiti and work with Tim. Through this work he met Michael Donner who told him about Barco’s Nightingales Foundation and the work it did constructing solar water wells.  He also met Rafael, who works closely with the Foundation. Herbie said he knew instantly that Rafael was a genuinely good person and decided to join him in his work caring for children. Together, and with the help of the Foundation, they provided food, shelter, clothing and virtually any resource they could locate that could help the children and their families.  In addition to the girls he adopted, Herbie personally supports nine children in Haiti.  He also works to help find families for the homeless children in Haiti.
Herbie offered to help the Foundation while he was in Haiti. Today, he regularly inspects, troubleshoots and fixes small issues with all seven wells.  He provides on-site supervision during the construction of the wells and the  installation of the pumps. He also helps with the Foundation’s hot lunch programs and visits the schools to make sure the programs run smoothly.
Herbie, we are delighted to know you and thank you for your amazing love and support.
If you’d like to help us provide more solar water wells and hot meals for even more children, please visit https://barcosnightingales.org/donate/.