Since the time of Florence Nightingale, nurses have worked to help people and serve the health needs of society.  The  education, experience and leadership nurses have, along with their ethics and values, translate well into any nonprofit organization.  But what value is there in volunteering as a nurse?The Courageous Hearts of Volunteers
By volunteering, you can develop and sharpen skills, make new professional contacts, explore different specialty options available to you and sometimes just shake up your routine and put a fresh face on your career path. While you are doing all of this as a volunteer, you also are making a difference in an organization and in the lives of the people the organization serves.
Some of the personal and professional benefits you can gain from volunteering include:
Career exploration. Volunteering at a specialized medical camp might give you insight into whether childhood oncology or other specialized disease areas, is a path you can easily adapt to. By volunteering with a nonprofit, you may discover a new home make working with them a permanent career choice.
Professional networks. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks. People already working in your desired field can be tremendous sources of information for job openings and contacts you should make. If you have a good experience volunteering, your supervisor might provide a reference when needed.
Skill development. Volunteering in a specialty or department you have not worked in can add to your skills. This helps you broaden your versatility and enhance your advancement possibilities in your workplace.
Personal growth. Volunteering can teach you much about yourself  including your strengths and your weaknesses.  Volunteer experiences can push you to reach beyond your comfort zone and give you the courage and confidence to do what you may not have thought possible.
Feel good. Sometimes it just feels good to be needed and valued and to be in a position where you can give back to others outside your daily work experience.
Barco’s Nightingales Foundation is  proud to salute and honor volunteer healthcare professionals throughout the world and especially those who work to support our partners. We encourage all nurses and healthcare professionals to consider volunteering on a regular basis. We guarantee that you will come away feeling good about what you have accomplished.
~Michael and Frida Donner