MeganMegan found Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times in the summer after her freshman year of college. With a history of volunteering and no plans, Megan applied to become a volunteer camp counselor. She went in with no substantial experience with children or cancer but with an open mind.
Once Megan got to Camp, she was welcomed with open arms, smiling faces, and supportive people. Megan says “training was an informative whirlwind that was balanced by people who kept saying just wait, just wait until the kids get here.” So she waited. The kids came and by the end she could see why it was all worth it.
Megan noticed that in the beginning some of the kids had their walls up. She noticed that slowly, those walls were broken down. People started to trust others and themselves. Laughter was heard, tears were shed, secrets were shared, and life-long bonds were made.
After Megan returned from Camp and caught up on sleep, she reflected. She realized how much she missed the camp songs, the silly shenanigans, and the wholesome fun. For seven days, she had lived with family in a world where friends accepted, supported and allowed each other to grow. Megan said she met the most amazing people in the world, role models and friends that she wanted in her life for life. Megan returned as an activity, cabin and adventure counselor to continue to growherself and help grow others.
Megan's groupAfter Megan graduated from college she interviewed for seasonal summer staff at Camp and secured one of the coveted spots. In June, she moved up to Camp and thus the summer started. Oh what a summer it was for Megan! She learned to project her voice, led group activities and trainings, and supported 20-50 volunteer counselors in day and evening activities. She was part of the behind-the-scenes work that makes the magic of Camp happen. Megan said, “it was a real honor to serve so many people and a privilege to meet such amazing individuals. While I gained a tremendous amount of work experience from Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, I am most thankful for how Camp has changed my perspective on life. Camp has shown me how hope, support, and courage are stronger than the behemoth of cancer. Camp has shown me how powerful a group of people who act with intention and believe can change the world. Now I believe in the magic around me, in others, and within myself. I hope you do too.”
We are so grateful for all of our amazing volunteer counselors, doctors and nurses who give of themselves to make Camp such a memorable experience for our Campers and their families. It is only through the kindness and generosity of volunteers and donors who make Camp Ronald McDonald possible. Thank you, we could not do it without you.