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The Letters Campaign: To our Community

This letter is very touching. We hope everyone will be inspired by these words. This is another entry from the Barco's Nightingales Foundation Letters Campaign. ~Michael and Frida Donner Dear Community Member, Nursing is one of the most trusted professions and is one of the largest groups of leaders among all the health care professions. [...]

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The Letters Campaign: A Trusted Profession

Nursing is one of the most trusted professions and one of the largest groups of leaders among all the health care professions. The role of the professional nurse requires the nurse to wear many different “hats.” Not only is the nurse a clinician, but the nurse is also a patient advocate, an educator, a social [...]

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An Open Letter to the Public on Nurses

I have been a nurse for over 40 years.  I have witnessed many changes in the profession.  One of the changes that is very welcome is the general public’s perception of nurses. When I entered school in 1973, as a male nurse I constantly got the question from many friends and family, "Will you go [...]

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Dear 1st Year Nursing Students

Congratulations! You are one step closer to a dynamic and rewarding career in nursing. As you continue to embark on what will no doubt be a rigorous path, be proud that you have been chosen to join an honored profession of healthcare professionals that positively impacts the lives of many. Welcome to the profession of [...]

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The Letters Campaign: Why Should You Care About Nurses?

People have many preconceived notions of nursing, but what is a nurse? We are so many things. We are professionals, we are leaders, and we are highly educated and credentialed. We care for more than the disease, we care for the whole person. We are a group of individuals from many backgrounds compelled to be [...]

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The Letters Campaign: Presence

Dear new student, As you enter your first semester of nursing school, your head is going to spin. You will hear all sorts of advice and tips that may work for you to lead you to success. You will be bombarded with homework and feel overwhelmed and at one point, may even question why you [...]

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To the Aspiring Nurse

To the Aspiring Nurse, I am so glad that you chose nursing as a profession, as it is something I am incredibly passionate about, and something I hold close to my heart. Nursing is a profession that requires teamwork, trust, and compassion. It is a profession that depends on the passage of knowledge from those [...]

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An Open Letter to the Public: What Is Nursing?

At Barco's Nightingales Foundation, we recently conducted the Letters Campaign, part of our advocacy on behalf of nurses and the profession of nursing. The program offers encouragement, support and wisdom to first year nursing students through letters written and shared by more experienced nursing professionals who have “‘been there, faced that.” The letters offer advice [...]

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Camp Happens Because of Volunteers and Donors

Megan found Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times in the summer after her freshman year of college. With a history of volunteering and no plans, Megan applied to become a volunteer camp counselor. She went in with no substantial experience with children or cancer but with an open mind. Once Megan got to Camp, she [...]

Volunteer at Camp – Nursing & More!!

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation is a proud partner of Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, affectionately known as Camp. We have often shared our experiences of visiting Camp and of the dedicated nurse volunteers who give their time.  But did you know that Camp relies on volunteers who may not be healthcare professions? Each year at [...]