The Letters Campaign: Why Should You Care About Nurses?

People have many preconceived notions of nursing, but what is a nurse? We are so many things. We are professionals, we are leaders, and we are highly educated and credentialed. We care for more than the disease, we care for the whole person. We are a group of individuals from many backgrounds compelled to be [...]

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The Letters Campaign: Presence

Dear new student, As you enter your first semester of nursing school, your head is going to spin. You will hear all sorts of advice and tips that may work for you to lead you to success. You will be bombarded with homework and feel overwhelmed and at one point, may even question why you [...]

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To the Aspiring Nurse

To the Aspiring Nurse, I am so glad that you chose nursing as a profession, as it is something I am incredibly passionate about, and something I hold close to my heart. Nursing is a profession that requires teamwork, trust, and compassion. It is a profession that depends on the passage of knowledge from those [...]

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An Open Letter to the Public: What Is Nursing?

At Barco's Nightingales Foundation, we recently conducted the Letters Campaign, part of our advocacy on behalf of nurses and the profession of nursing. The program offers encouragement, support and wisdom to first year nursing students through letters written and shared by more experienced nursing professionals who have “‘been there, faced that.” The letters offer advice [...]

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Mary Breckinridge & the Frontier Nursing Service

Mary Breckinridge established the Frontier Nursing Service in 1925 as a private charitable organization serving an area of about 700 square miles in southeastern Kentucky. Born in 1881 to an influential Kentucky family, Mary was educated in the United States and Europe. Widowed at a young age and losing both her children when they were [...]

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Congratulations to the Nursing Class of 2016

Congratulations! All your hard work and dedication has paid off and you are ready to embark on an exciting career in nursing, the world's the most respected profession.  Our Nurses Advisory Board has assembled some tips that will serve you well in your first year as a new nurse and throughout your profession. 1. Be [...]

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National Nursing Assistant’s Week

Today, June 9, 2016, kicks off National Nursing Assistant’s Week. This week we honor nursing assistants around the globe, whether they are known as nurse aides, direct care workers, caregivers, certified nursing assistants, geriatric aides, orderlies, home health aides or hospital attendants. These are the individuals who provide hands-on care and perform routine tasks under [...]

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Volunteering Can Help Your Career

Since the time of Florence Nightingale, nurses have worked to help people and serve the health needs of society.  The  education, experience and leadership nurses have, along with their ethics and values, translate well into any nonprofit organization.  But what value is there in volunteering as a nurse? By volunteering, you can develop and sharpen [...]

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Celebrating The Leadership and Service of Military Nurses

Women and men have served in the U.S. Armed Forces for over 100 years and on an individual, unofficial level for many years before that.  This Memorial Day, we honor all those in the military who gave their lives in service, including over 940 Army, Navy and Air Force nurses who died in the Spanish-American [...]

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The Letters Campaign Kicks-Off

Last week Barco's Nightingales Foundation began The Letters Campaign. This program is designed to provide encouragement and support for new nurses and to provide insights with the general public about the leadership, professionalism and important role nurses perform every day. We are looking for 12 nurses to participate and hope that you will reach out [...]

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