Words of Hope, Healing, and Health

What a beautiful way to start 2016, with a message of hope from our partners at The Lighthouse Foundation. We hope this will help frame your year as it will ours. ~Michael and Frida Donner Since 2004, the Lighthouse Foundation has been active in helping the hurting people of Haiti.  In 2011, one of our [...]

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Exciting News

I want to update you all on what took place at our company holiday in early December.  I communicated to our 200 employees that in 2016 we would be making an added donation on behalf of each employee to pay for a daily hot lunch for 4 children.  In total, that would nearby double our [...]

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Holiday Reflections

We are proud and grateful with all that we have again been able to accomplish this past year with our Community of Compassion. With your help, our work touched and improved the lives of thousands around the world. --We continued to provide camperships to children for Camp Ronald McDonald.  To know that we are instrumental [...]

Water is Life!!!

Water is the essential component of all life. Water covers 70% of the entire Earth’s surface, but only 1% of it is fresh enough for consumption, and most of that is difficult to access, held in aquifers deep inside the earth. Of the water consumed globally each year, agriculture accounts for 70%, industry for 30%, [...]

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Five Facts About Hunger in Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Northern Hemisphere with approximately 55% of the Haitian population living below the international poverty line. Five years after the devastating earthquake, some 500,000 people remain displaced and too many communities remain at-risk.  Hunger is a big issue for Haitians today. Here are some pertinent facts concerning the food [...]

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Words from Our Hearts

Frida and I want to thank our remarkable Community of Compassion for all your support and generous donations for this year in particular. We have such dedication and love to help us help more children each and every year. We also want to thank the many children that we have had the blessing to be [...]

In Thanksgiving

Each year we take time in November, around the time the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, to reflect on the blessings we have received and to thank all those who support us in our endeavors.  It is especially poignant this month with all that has occurred over the past few weeks around the world, to reflect [...]

Clean Water and Climate Change

Water is life. We need water for everything from drinking and bathing to growing crops, supporting livestock and fish farms, shipping goods, generating electricity, and simply relaxing and having fun. Yet climate change is producing profound changes in this precious commodity, threatening water availability, access, and even quality. Scientists often use the term "climate change" [...]

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Reflections on an Unexpected Journey of Hope

Summer was approaching. Graduate school was ending, and I only had one more summer of “freedom” before I began my experiences as a dental student. I honestly was seeking a job that would keep me in Mississippi for the summer, but we all know that our plans and God’s plans might not always be the [...]

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Every day is a New Miracle

We are very proud of the solar water wells that Barco’s Nightingales Foundation has built, mostly because for the people in Haiti, every day with clean water is a new miracle.  The impact of what we are doing through these wells in Haiti is extraordinary, and so today, I’d like to share a bit about [...]

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