Bony Well Provides Water for 10,000

We are delighted and relieved to share the news that our 7th solar water well is now producing water for the people of Haiti. Because of the severe drought, villagers are walking for miles to this well to bring water to their homes and families. In the first week alone, 10,000 people have accessed the [...]

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Live Well – HMM's Water Initiative

Did you know that  Hispaniola Mountain Ministries(HMM)  has developed an active water well ministry in the southeastern region of Haiti? Since 2010, HMM has brought water wells online utilizing solar panels to power the wells. These wells have dramatically improved access to clean water in the Anse-a-Pitre community. We are grateful that we have been able to [...]

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Inspired to do even more…

On my most recent trip to Haiti this past spring, I was genuinely surprised at the tremendous outpouring of gratitude from the children and families where we have completed our six solar water wells. When we traveled to the site of our first solar well, the feeling I had while watching the volume of water [...]

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Relief and Joy!

We are filled with gratitude and relief that the tensions in Haiti have eased enough to enable the drilling team to safely arrive at the village of Bois-D'orme.  This means that, for the time being our friends and all of the villagers in Haiti that we work with and those we have yet to meet, [...]

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Hispaniola Mountain Ministries

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation has been involved with some amazing partnerships in 2014. One of these charitable partners is the Hispaniola Mountain Ministries. From building solar water wells to arranging and staffing medical and dental missions, Hispaniola Mountain Ministries (HMM) strives to improve the lives of Haitians living in the most remote areas of the island. [...]

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"Thanks to God"

"Thanks to God!"  That was the simple message that came with these moving images of Barco's Nightingales Foundation's fifth solar water well.  This well, as the pictures show, is truly a powerful instrument that is bringing a better life to this remote village, Boucan-Guillaumei, Haiti. The water situation in Haiti is among the most dire [...]

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A Heartwarming Welcome!!!

We received the most amazing greeting in a new town for us, Banane, Haiti. This city will get Barco's Nightingales Foundation's 6th solar water well at the end of 2014. The community met us in their church; nearly 300 attended. What a grateful and humble community. We hope you enjoy this video as much as [...]

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A Tribute to Tim Dortch

It is with heavy hearts that we say "goodbye" to our friend and Hispaniola Mountain Ministry visionary, Tim Dortch. Tim passed peacefully from this world surrounded by his family on May 24, 2014, and is now celebrating a life well-lived with his Savior. Tim was one of the most gracious and giving person that I [...]

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Our Fifth Solar Water Well Begins…

We are proud to announce the beginning of out 5th solar water well in Haiti.  On this site, the hole for the well was dug successfully.  We reached water after only going down 90 feet. We are hopeful that this will be operational within 90 days.

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Rafael – A Vital Link

This is Rafael and his daughter. Rafael is a key figure in our solar water well projects and our future. He is an amazing young man with a great future in helping us expand our water well presence in Haiti.  We are very grateful for his guidance, support and hard work.

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