Nursing By The Numbers

According to the 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were a total of 4,011,911 nurses actively working in the US. This included 3,184,283 Registered Nurses and 827,628 Licensed Practical Nurses. Even though these numbers increased from 2015, we still face a nursing shortage. With such large numbers, how can this be? Let's take a closer look [...]

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On Advocacy and Being an Advocate

We often write about being an advocate for the profession of nursing. We've had several people ask what we mean by advocacy and what it takes to be an advocate, so we took the time to put together this primer. Think of advocacy as taking actions in the hopes of making positive changes.  Advocacy can advance many [...]

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Walk to Transform Lives

Walk for Kids is an annual 5k (3.1 mile) walk to raise funds for children with needs in honor of nurses. Our walk takes place under the umbrella of the “Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Walk for Kids.” Your donations help us transform lives. This year we hope to raise enough funds to increase our daily [...]

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Hope for the Holidays and New Year

At the holidays we take time to reflect on the past year and the work that remains for the New Year. The first thing we think of is the incredible support and friendship we've had from our Community of Compassion. With your help, we continue our work to help make children's lives better. 2016 - A Year [...]

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The Holiday Project

Each year millions of people spend their holidays confined to hospitals, acute care and residential nursing homes. In fact, many residents outlive their family members and friends. For others, their family and friends have moved away. At the same time, there are many people who are looking for ways to give and make their holidays more [...]

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With Gratefulness and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a season of merriment and celebrations. It also evokes visions of families and friends gathered around a festive dinner table. But Thanksgiving is more than that. It is a time to reflect on all we have been blessed with and to give thanks. At Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, we feel especially [...]

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Why We Honor Nurses

The field of nursing is demanding and intense. Nurses must be compassionate, helpful and capable of making difficult decisions. It is for these traits and those below we honor the men and women who choose nursing as a profession. We Honor Their Personal Commitment Compassion and Empathy: Having a deep awareness of and sympathy for someone else’s suffering without judgment [...]

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Nursing Around the World

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation supports medical missions and ReSurge International programs in South America and Southeast Asia. But there are many medical missions and nursing immersion programs that serve around the world. Nurses and student nurses make a difference by dedicating their time and expertise every day. One example is  this amazing account of nursing students from the [...]

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Ready, Set, Travel Nurse

Travel nurses play an important role in the healthcare system across the world. They bring their skills and expertise to areas that are in need of help due to shortages or lack of resources. As a result, they get much needed care and travel nurses get the opportunity to visit, live in and learn about [...]

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Military Nurses of WWI

In November we remember and honor members of the military who served their countries at home and abroad. Therefore, in our blog today, we highlight some of the courageous  military nurses of WWI. These individuals overcame insurmountable odds and, most of all, selflessly helped a torrent of wounded soldiers. Each of these women and many others devoted their [...]

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