Giving Thanks For All Our Blessings

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on all the blessings each of us has received the past year. At Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, we give thanks for all of you in our Community of Compassion. We are grateful for the blessings we receive that give us purpose and allow us to continue our work. Your contributions to Barco’s [...]

The Courageous Heart of Nursing – One Nurse At A Time

We are delighted to share this guest blog from our friends at One Nurse At A Time. The nurse who volunteer with this amazing organization devote hours of their time serving others. They exemplify the courageous heart of nursing that Barco's Nightingales Foundation honors. ~Michael and Frida Donner In September of 2017, I went for [...]

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Everyday Hero – Alan Faith

Alan Faith, RN, works as the trauma program manager at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s, in Sioux City, Iowa. His colleagues consider him a hero as do many of his patients and neighbors. As a result of his efforts, Alan received the Iowa Hospital Hero Award. Only 12 nurses receive this award each year. Alan wears many hats. [...]

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Diane DiMarco Davis – A Profile in Giving

It is our great honor to announce the 2017 Barco's Nightingales Foundation Award of Excellence winner from Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, Diane DiMarco Davis. This exceptional nurse embodies the spirit of giving to others. Her work with Camp has touched the lives of many, and keeps giving long after Camp is over. [...]

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A Heartfelt Tribute to Betty Kolbeck

This year our world lost an angel to lymphoma. Elizabeth "Betty" Kolbeck was born December 3, 1954 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. She earned her bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and moved to California. She worked for 36 years as a nurse with Stanford Healthcare. Betty joined ReSurge International, a nonprofit partner of Barco's Nightingales Foundation, in [...]

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Down Under Everyday Heroes Dealing With Workforce Stress

Nurses and midwives welcome us into the world. They keep us healthy as long as possible, and in the end, provide us comfort in those final moments. We rely on them in every aspect of healthcare and often forget the emotional and physical stress under which they work. Studies on nursing in Australia show high [...]

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An Inspiration for All: Lori Kirkland, RN

Lori Kirkland is an inspiration to everyone who wanted to become a nurse, but for some reason never had the opportunity. Or, for those who decided later in life that nursing was their true calling. Lori never considered nursing as a career field. She had the highest respect for nurses and the profession, but just [...]

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Everyday Heroes – VA Nurse Robert McManus, BSN, RN

Our world is filled with heroes. We have seen this constantly in recent natural disasters and critical incidents. But we also have individuals who work beyond expectations and give of themselves on a daily basis.  Barco’s Nightingales Foundation honors these “Everyday Heroes.” Robert McManus works as an ED (Emergency Department) nurse at a VA hospital [...]

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Everyday Hero: Barbara Nichols

Barbara Nichols, DNSc (hon), MS, RN, FAAN, is one of the 50 most influential people involved in worldwide health initiatives, according to the Paul G. Rogers Society for Global Health Research. It was no surprise then, when the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) International, Inc. awarded Ms. Nichols its 2017 International Distinguished Leadership Award. [...]

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Everyday Hero: Tammy Dutler

Tammy is a labor and delivery RN with cross training in the NICU. She is employed at the UnityPoint Health System at Finley Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa. Tammy’s passion is babies and their mothers. Tammy does not consider herself as anybody special – just a person “put on this earth to be a nurse.” Everyday [...]

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