Nearly 800 More Children Are Receiving Hot Lunches Each Day

We are thrilled to announce the three new schools in Haiti where Barco's Nightingales Foundation, through our partner Hispaniola Mountain Ministries, will be providing hot lunches to students each day of the school year. With the addition of these schools, we are well on our way to meeting our goal of feeding 2,000 children each [...]

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Converting Four First Mission Nurses Into Humanitarian Addicts

We are delighted to share this guest blog on humanitarian nurses by Emily Scott from One Nurse At A Time. ~Michael and Frida Donner Almost every time I tell another nurse about a medical mission I’ve been on, the response I get is, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to do that!” Thanks to One Nurse At [...]

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Our School and Orphanage Hot Lunch Program in Haiti

We've been sharing the impact your support makes in our ability to provide hot lunches to children throughout Haiti, and in January, announced the addition of 1,000 more to the program and the addition of orphanages to the program. Currently, this vital program serves a total of over 3,000 meals every day of the school [...]

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Haiti, The Island My Parents Call Home

We are delighted to share this guest blog from our friends at Hispaniola Mountain Ministries. ~Michael and Frida Donner A  Haitian Home Although Woodley Victor, 30, and his three brothers grew up in Brooklyn, NY, they know Haitian culture. Their parents are Haitian immigrants, and he says despite being thousands of miles from the tiny [...]

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Barco and Wendy’s – A Shared Commitment to Improving the Lives of Children

We are proud to share this guest blog from Wendy's with our Community of Compassion. ~Michael Donner At Wendy’s, we have the privilege of working with some of the world’s best companies who supply everything we need to operate a best in class restaurant system. Our purpose is to provide joy and opportunity through food, family, [...]

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The Importance of Water

Can you imagine life without safe drinking water? For over 663 million people worldwide, this is a reality. You know from our work in Haiti that the need for clean water is dire in that country. But Haiti is not the only place with severe drought conditions. In addition to drought, thousands lack access to potable water. In [...]

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Another Walk For Kids Success

What an amazing day we had. We only wish more of our Community of Compassion could have joined us in the Walk for Kids. It was a huge success! We had more participants than ever and are so grateful that we keep growing. Your support is imperative for our work with Camp Ronald McDonald for [...]

The True Beauty of Haiti…

As many of you know we recently traveled to Haiti to inspect our solar water wells, visit the schools where we provide hot lunches, and assess the many, many needs in the area. This photo was taken on our return drive from Haiti to the airport in Santo Domingo. The drive took us nearly seven and [...]

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The Children of Haiti: Impressions from My Journey

I just returned from the most amazing and life changing trip to Haiti. The hospitality and the love and gratitude that we experienced were remarkable and heartfelt. Our Haitian family are the most humble and courageous people that I know. They far surpass anything I have witnessed before. I have learned a great deal from them especially NEVER GIVE UP. Traveling [...]

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Everyday Heroes: The Stories Continue…

Every day in the remote mountains and plains of Haiti, young people overcome difficult challenges to get an education. Many arrive at school hungry. The hot lunch Barco’s Nightingales Foundation provides is often the only hot meal they get.  We consider these young people our Everyday Heroes. Everyday they heroically meet the challenges of life in [...]

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