The Children of Haiti: Impressions from My Journey

I just returned from the most amazing and life changing trip to Haiti. The hospitality and the love and gratitude that we experienced were remarkable and heartfelt. Our Haitian family are the most humble and courageous people that I know. They far surpass anything I have witnessed before. I have learned a great deal from them especially NEVER GIVE UP. Traveling [...]

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Everyday Heroes: The Stories Continue…

Every day in the remote mountains and plains of Haiti, young people overcome difficult challenges to get an education. Many arrive at school hungry. The hot lunch Barco’s Nightingales Foundation provides is often the only hot meal they get.  We consider these young people our Everyday Heroes. Everyday they heroically meet the challenges of life in [...]

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Hot Lunch Program In Haiti

We are proud to announce that on January 1st, we began providing an additional 1,000 meals daily to children in Haiti through our Hot Lunch Program. A total of 3,000 meals are now served every day of the school year to the children in some of the remotes villages of Haiti. The poorest country in [...]

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The Gift of Life in Haiti

Bringing the gift of life "Water " to the children in Haiti is an honor. Currently our six solar water wells are serving nearly 40,000 with clean drinking water. Seeing photos like these is such a thrill. We are grateful to our Community of Compassion for your generous support and help. We are hopeful to be able [...]

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Everyday Heroes

The newspapers often have stories of people performing heroic acts of bravery in the face of danger. But more often than not, it is the everyday heroes who go unnoticed. Barco’s Nightingales Foundation wants you to meet some young people whom we believe are such heroes. Each of these young people overcomes huger barriers just to [...]

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Christmas in Haiti

Working with the people of Haiti has exposed our teams to the rich culture and customs of the people. Some vary slightly from family to family and village to village. Others remain consistent throughout the areas we work. We thought that it would be fitting at this season to share some of the Christmas customs practiced across Haiti. Christmas [...]

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Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

As you all know, on October 4, 2016, Haiti received a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew. We all waited anxiously for word about the communities where our solar water wells and school lunch programs operate. We are pleased to tell all of you that the solar wells are safe. Because of their location, the six remote [...]

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5 Facts to Know About Water in Haiti

The World Bank Group recently launched a program that will reach about 300,000 Haitians. They have targeted areas where cholera rates are highest. These Haitians will either receive improved water sources, repairs to existing water systems or improved sanitation systems. Improving access to clean, safe water and improved sanitation are two fundamental ways to fight [...]

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Our Philosophy About Water…

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation is proud to be part of an international group of organizations raising funds, promoting and implementing programs to bring clean, fresh, safe water to people in desperate need. As you are aware, global temperatures have increased dramatically in recent years, causing droughts and unusual shifts in rainfall patterns affecting many developing countries [...]

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The Lighthouse Foundation: Herbie Rogers

We have met and worked alongside many gifted and giving individuals during our visits to Haiti. Herbie Rogers, a member of the Lighthouse Foundation, is one of them. Herbie first went to Haiti about 10 years ago after being invited by a doctor friend to join him while he volunteered at an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. [...]

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