Medical Volunteers at Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times provides a full range of health care services for its campers through the generous support of medical volunteers. Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times' “Med Shed” health care center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It was specifically designed to serve the needs of the campers impacted by cancer. The Med [...]

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School Nurses – A Vital Role in Healthcare

School nurses are a vital part of the educational system across the world. Since children are susceptible to disease, the role they play is crucial in fostering a successful learning environment. School nurses first appeared in the New York City school districts in 1902. Due to an outbreak of severe eye infections across the city, nurses [...]

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Is Hunger An Issue In Haiti?

“I’m hungry.” These words are heard daily among missions throughout the small, poverty-stricken country of Haiti. The World Health Organization estimates that over 1.5 million Haitians face “acute food insecurity” and many millions more are considered food insecure. Hunger/food insecurity - not having a reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food – not [...]

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Water Independence

This week America celebrated Independence Day – the day we declared ourselves separate from Great Britain. This freedom did not happen overnight. It was the result of struggles that define our country to this day.  The struggle for independence is not limited to political issues. Today, one of the biggest challenges across the world is the [...]

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Meet Rafael, the Heart of Barco’s Nightingales in Haiti

We had the opportunity recently to talk to Rafael about his work with Barco's Nightingales Foundation in Haiti. It was such an enjoyable conversation that we wanted to share it in the form of a Q&A. You'll love getting to know Rafael. ~Michael and Frida Donner BNF: When did you start working for Barco’s Nightingales Foundation? [...]

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Traveling To Inspect Wells & Visit Schools in Haiti

I am excited to share that next week I am traveling to Haiti with some of our most active supporters. Barbara Gonzalez, Freddy Buzaly, Phil Little, Vicky Little and Rafael Perez Yan will join my journey to seven remote villages. We fly into Santo Domingo on Sunday and start the week at our base location in Pedernales. [...]

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Nurse Practitioners’ Role Expands at VA Hospitals

This is wonderful news for nurse practitioners. ~Michael and Frida Donner In 2014, the national media reported on long waits for new patients at VA hospitals, with some patients waiting as long as 51 days. As a result, a new rule from the Department of Veterans Affairs takes effect this month, which allows advanced practice [...]

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Save the Date! 2017 Walk For Kids

Save the Date!  We are delighted to announce that our 2017 Walk For Kids will be held in Los Angeles on April 2, 2017. We'd like to personally invite to join us for this momentous event. In 2016, more than 650 people of all ages participated in our Walk For Kids. We are deeply dedicated and will be working [...]

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Remembering Nurses Who Work the Holidays

Either directly or through a loved one, nurses have touched all of our lives. Because of this, you know that many nurses across the country and throughout the world selflessly work through the holidays. Each holiday, nurses volunteer to take shifts so their colleagues can be home with family. They willingly put their patients' care [...]

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Nursing Around the World

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation supports medical missions and ReSurge International programs in South America and Southeast Asia. But there are many medical missions and nursing immersion programs that serve around the world. Nurses and student nurses make a difference by dedicating their time and expertise every day. One example is  this amazing account of nursing students from the [...]

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